Yoga for everyone

One of the reasons yoga continues to rise in popularity is due to its versatile and user-friendly nature.

There really is a type of yoga for everyone.

No matter what your experience, fitness level, body shape or exercise ambitions are, you can find a suitable fit with yoga. There are many different kinds of yoga, and this blog describes just four of the more popular varieties. If you’re looking for something different, do your research and get trying! For now, these are a great place to start.



Vinyasa translates to “breath-to-movement,” which relates to yoga’s most notable characteristic – the movement from posture-to-posture using the breath as guidance. Vinyasa flow is a very common type of yoga and a great style to try if you’ve done a few classes before. Vinyasa centres on moving smoothly between poses, rather than pausing as in a Hatha class. Often your instructor will ask you to repeat postures several times, and you can expect a Sun Salutation in most Vinyasa classes.


Power yoga

For a more strenuous workout, give Power Yoga a go. Developed in the Eighties from Ashtanga Yoga, it has an active, athletic dynamic to it. Power Yoga focuses on building strength, enhancing flexibility and increasing stamina. Classes vary according to the instructor, but usually you will be asked to move rapidly between postures to get the heart rate up. Instead of being guided through the breath-to-posture combinations, you will be expected to synchronise your own breath and movement.



Don’t be fooled by the fact that Yin is a slow style of yoga – it’s just as difficult as other forms, if not more. Yin has a strong meditative quality and is designed to help students destress and increase inner calmness. In a typical practice, you are expected to hold positions for lengthy amounts of time, often between 2-5 minutes. This helps you not only strengthen the body but learn to listen to it. Once you have a few yoga practices up your sleeve, we recommend trying a Yin class.



The increasingly popular Bikram yoga is a type of Hatha yoga that is practiced in a heated room. A flow of set poses are carried out in a sealed room heated between 35-42 degrees Celsius. Beginner classes are always 90 minutes, to allow students to grow used to the temperature and understand how their body is coping. This is a challenging form of yoga that tests your body and mind. It’s important to hydrate well before and after the class, and it’s recommended you attend a series of classes in order to feel the effects of this unique style.

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