Sustainable Living: Why is it Important?

We're all for sustainability at Flip Your Dog. Here are a few ways to help our environment.

We are all passionate about sustainability at Flip Your Dog.

In a world where pollution and waste is ever-growing, we feel that reducing the human impact on our environment should be a priority.

Things need to change, drastically.

While it might not seem like there’s much any one person can do, the little things really do make a difference. There are so many small ways we can be helping our beautiful planet on an everyday basis, and most of the time they’re pretty simple.

We’ve put together a few ideas for anyone wanting to get on board the sustainable living train.


Triple R’s

The old classic “reduce, reuse, recycle” slogan should be adhered to. These 3 concepts are actually key to making a positive change. By reducing the size of our waste and reusing items wherever possible, we limit the amount of harmful rubbish going into landfill and damaging our ecosystem. Recycling on top of this enables us to at least utilise some of the resources in what would otherwise become waste. Don’t throw something out where it can be recycled – and these days, a lot of things can be.


Compost Away

Composting is great for our planet. It helps reduce waste, because those fruit scraps you would otherwise be putting in the rubbish bin are instead going to slowly break down into healthy, nutrient-rich compost. This compost then works as an air purifier, a natural fertiliser and a soil additive. Need we say more?!


Petrol Head

Petrol fumes from the vehicles we use everyday are a harmful cause of air pollution, which in turn is a strong contributor to global warming. If every person made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of air pollution they cause, our environment would be in a much better state. There are plenty of small ways we can try to do this: car pooling and using public transport is a big one – and cost effective. Using bikes or hybrid cars is another option. Small changes can have a big impact!


Slow Fashion

As we’ve discussed before, the clothes we wear also have a significant effect on the environment. Synthetic materials increase the use of plastic, while nasty chemicals used in the production of cheap clothing eventually end up in the ocean. We advocate for the use of eco-friendly fabrics, like those made from recycled materials. Additionally, living by a “what do I need” rather than “what do I want” attitude can go a long way.

Outer Layer

As humans in the 21st century, we have an obsession with consumption. While this habit in itself has a negative impact on our environment, it’s the packaging around consumption that also needs addressing. For every item a human buys, there is some sort of packaging – often made of plastic, which as we know, will continue to exist long after you throw it away. By considering the packaging of clothing, products and food items we purchase, we can help decrease waste. Try to buy things in recyclable packaging, like card, when possible.

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