Slow fashion – what it is and why it matters

What is sustainable fashion? Read all about this growing and necessary trend in our blog. 

We’re all familiar with fast fashion – copies of high end garments that appear in shops within days of showing on the runway.

Ephemeral, mass-produced clothing sold at such low prices we’re encouraged to wear them once, then ditch them in favour of the next hot trend. But what about slow fashion?

Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion, and a rapidly growing trend.

It involves handmade clothing that’s injected with personality, passion and love for the trade. The opposite of mass-produced, slow fashion consists of limited production pieces that are made to last. Think local, independent businesses, fair wages, decent working conditions and no forced labour. Think ethical. Think eco.

The environmental impact of the fashion industry is shocking. Figures from Greenpeace estimate that one pair of jeans alone takes 7,000 litres of water to produce. And there are 2 billion pairs of jeans produced each year. One t-shirt takes 2,700 litres –  it would take an average person 900 days to drink that amount of water. Then there’s the dyeing process. 1.7 million tonnes of chemicals are used annually, many of which permanently damage the environment. Of the 80 billion pieces of clothing produced worldwide each year, three quarters are thrown out to landfill after just a few wears. Just one quarter are recycled, upcycled or donated to charity.

Our population is constantly growing and there is an ever-increasing demand for clothing. Understandably, many people are unable to choose the more expensive ethically sourced, sustainable, fair trade clothing. But those of us that are equipped to support slow fashion should consider the positive impact our actions will have on the environment and the fashion industry.

Here at Flip Your Dog, you’ll only find ethical, environmentally-friendly and fair trade activewear. Show your support for our world by supporting slow fashion. 

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