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I grew up in Hawkes Bay, immersed in a world of dance. For 15 years my life revolved around competitive ballet, modern, tap dance and contemporary.

At 19 I turned down admission into the Wellington School of Dance to finish a degree in Psychology and Education. I then developed a career in the film industry and spent time travelling, living in Australia, the UK and Japan.

But my love of movement never left. It was in my veins, the blood that pumped through my heart.

When I was 28 I discovered Yoga and never looked back. I was living in Melbourne at the time and spent every weekend powering my way through a 90 minute Ashtanga class with a close friend.

Yoga became an integral part of my life – a beautiful tool for wellbeing and transformation. After my daughters Lexi and Ivy were born, I came to do the more gentle Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

I loved going to class, but was dismayed by a lack of exciting yoga wear. I hankered for clothing with colour and flair, instead of the classic black leggings everyone was wearing. I wanted something vibrant, that told a story, and embibed a sense of fun and beauty. Comfort was essential. But so was style.

My search led me around the globe to discover brands like Teeki, Hardtail, Liquido Active, Onzie and Beyond Yoga – all fair trade and environmentally conscious with an ethic of creating stylish and comfortable workout clothing.

Initially I wanted the clothes for myself, but when I realised there was nowhere in New Zealand where this gear was readily available I created Flip Your Dog.

I personally wear all the brands and take pride in having in depth knowledge about the body types and exercise methods each style is best suited to. And I’m looking forward to releasing my own range next year.

When I’m not running around in a pair of Teeki Hot Pants or snuggling up in some Hard Tail loungewear, you might find me studying Vinyasa Yoga Teacher’s Traning or curled up in a bath full of epsom salts.

I live in Auckland with my two daughters, my husband Neil, a rescue cat called Buddy and a rescue kitten called Poppy. My favourite colour is green and if I could live anywhere in the world it would be Japan.

With love and light,

Janelle Hope x




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